It can be a “crappy” experience” when you can’t go poop, or you are pooping too much☹️when you are travelling. So what causes these poopy problems? Change in  your routine, excess stress traveling, different foods, time changes, less fiber, and
sleep changes.

Here are a few suggestions to help you out. 

💩Take your probiotics, and start taking these a week before you travel.
💩Take Saccharomyces Boulardii ( you will find this in the probiotic department but it is actually a yeast) – to help prevent travellers diarrhea. I suggest taking this a week before you travel, and continue throughout your travels.
💩drink lots of water
💩keep moving 🏃
💩eat lots of fibre, I would recommend bringing some crushed flax seed with you to sprinkle 2 tbl on your food daily.
💩lots of veges 🥦and fruit, nuts and seeds
💩for constipation, bring magnesium citrate with you. Senna tea ☕️short term is also useful.
💩 a shot of apple cider vinegar in your water before each meal can help prevent parasites, keep your alkalinity in check., and keep your stomach acid at a good level.
💩try and keep your poop schedule as normalized as possible.

💩Travelling does put alot of stress on our systems, so adrenal support like Ashwaganda, or Holy Basil can also be helpful.

💩If you contract travellers diarrhea, taking activated charcoal, and the homeopathic Arsenicum Album can be very helpful. Do not forget to take electrolytes if you experience diarrhea or vomiting.

Happy pooping my friends.😍

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